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Δ: aslkjd so hipster。
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all the gays in marvel universe, anderson 'silver fox' cooper, arashi for dream: a live orgy, arthur and eames being darlings, batman's dead parents, billy/teddy: not ambiguously gay, black spark/white spark otp, canjani kan(jani) do anything, comic book stanning for life, daryl & glenn versus the walkers, fernando's sweat recycling hair gel, generation kill for staying frosty, good ol' tom hardy party, hemingway checking out fitzgerald's penis, merlin's magical kama-sutra book, organization xii powerpuff style, owen pallett loves boyfriend management, rafa's unrelenting wedgie, rahm says fuck your retarded tact, real madrid for life, renly/loras: westeros' truest love, robin and sean pecknold for brotp, roger is number one in rafas heart, sengoku kaboom basara zap zap, star trek tos & xi: boldly going, steve/tony: fucking for peace, super dong bang shinee, warrior: tommy got robbed!!, winchesters: now with more impala